maison blanche – hotter closet for a cooler earth

maison blanche – hotter closet for a cooler earth

Hey hottie, you're on FIRE! But perhaps not in the way you'd hope. Our planet is warming, labor conditions are deteriorating, and finding solutions is increasingly challenging. At Maison Blanche, we're revolutionizing the fashion industry by tackling current practices and confronting socio-political taboos. Our approach focuses on conceptual fashion design and dedicated craftsmanship that adheres to environmentally friendly production and distribution methods.

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    shares with voting rights
  • Impact
    social, vegan, plastic-free
  • Awards
    winner of Making The Cut
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    over 120K followers worldwide
  • Finance
    With your investment, our production becomes 100% local, social and sustainable
  • Founding
    founded in 2022

The Pitch

At maison blanche, we believe that it is not enough to only focus on sustainable materials—our vision is larger than that and rooted in the principles of circular fashion, which we see as the only viable future of the fashion industry! Known for our bold designs, commitment to sustainability, and ethical working conditions, we've made our mark at New York Fashion Week for two consecutive years. Our distinct dedication to social responsibility not only meets the evolving demands of our customers but also positions maison blanche within a unique and profitable niche—a niche that appeals to fashion enthusiasts who desire to be part of something greater than themselves!

As we embark on our next chapter, it's crucial to reflect on our journey. Previously, we partnered with Amazon to allow us to introduce our first collection to a broader audience, providing vital exposure on a large scale. However, to stay true to our core values and maintain autonomy over our production, we are moving beyond this partnership. This is why we're reaching out to you, to invest in our mission. Your support will help us continue to spearhead this fashion revolution, free from the constraints of a major conglomerate, so you don't have to compromise your values for style.

About Yannik Zamboni

Growing up queer in a small Swiss town of only 700 people, I was forced to stand out from a very early age. There’s not much blending in when you’re nearly two meters tall and restless! Familiar with the oppressive constraints of the status quo, I felt my identity attacked on all fronts, and was eager to champion a future where people were free to actualize themselves.