Bakery Bakery – Conscious Indulgence

Seize the unique opportunity to invest in the up-and-coming vegan Bakery Bakery. Taste and sustainability are our anchors. We invite you to grow with us right here, where profitability and ethics unite in harmony. Your investment is more than a  financial decision: You will participate in our delicious and sustainable success story. Become a co-owner of Bakery Bakery now and sweeten the future with us! 🌍💰❤️#gipfeligang!

Successfully finished - funding is secured.
of CHF 500’000 reached
Funded CHF 1.4 mil
  • Securities
    With voting rights
  • Impact
    social, vegan
  • Community
    19'000 people like us
  • Market Entry
    founded in 2019
  • Locations
    6 full-service & 2 self-service locations (BE/ZH/BS)
  • Team
    over 100 employees

The Pitch

What began chaotic and spontaneous is now financially breaking even and unstoppable! When we, Lycra & Kevin, launched Bakery Bakery about four years ago, we had no idea where this journey would take us. At first, we just wanted to “veganise” certain products, as we both simply lacked vegan alternatives to baked goods. Being vegan doesn't mean everything must be super healthy, gluten-free, sugar-free, organic, etc. There must be another way! We both really craved vegan donuts, chocolate croissants, custard squares and "Schinkengipfeli"! That's how we ended up opening a vegan bakery pop-up in 2021 -or rather, two pop-ups in Bern and Zurich. And things took off from there. Today, we have several prime locations in Bern, Basel and Zurich. Together, we want to evolve a magnificent idea with a clear conscience.

Who we are 

We remain true to our corporate values. We will continue to stand up for fair wages and an open working culture with flat hierarchies across the bakery and retail sectors.

Our love for people, animals and the environment has always made it clear that we would offer purely vegan baked goods only; even better that they come with significantly lower CO2 emissions. In the coming months, we want to modify our cooling systems to better utilize waste heat. Acting sustainably and at the same time growing profits, that's Bakery Bakery - where you always get the best of both worlds or, as we Swiss say, “z Füfi u z Gipfeli" (the coin and the croissant).

Retrospect & outlook 

We are already on track towards making vegan baked goods accessible to everyone in Switzerland. At our six first-class locations in Bern, Zurich and Basel, we treat our guests to delicious baked goods, finely roasted coffee and various other products - all vegan, of course!

We aim to expand throughout Switzerland with locations in high-frequency locations and in local neighbourhoods over the next three to five years. We will use market research, discussions with industry experts and our own expertise to identify the best and most profitable locations.
Bakery Bakery is the first wholly vegan and geographically independent bakery. Our concept enables us to expand and scale up without depriving anyone of our baked goods!  We know that we want to grow our vision - not just in Switzerland but all over the world. From Lucerne to Geneva, from Tokyo to NYC, Cologne or London - no city should be safe from our vegan croissants. Where will the journey take us first? Hopefully, you will be part of that decision soon. 

To make our products truly accessible to everyone and to open up further sources of income, we will launch a frozen line of vegan baked goods for the catering industry with one of our partners (Kern & Sammet). 

Interview with our employees  

Our existing shareholders believe in us

They are convinced that we are on the right course and are once again joining us. This capital increase also includes convertible bonds from our 13 shareholders totalling CHF 93,315 which will also be converted in the course of this capital increase prozess.

Without a community, there is no Bakery Bakery

Our community is already part of our journey. We simply wouldn't be where we are now without you. Today, we want you to become a part of our growth and financial success. 

Investing in Bakery Bakery means investing in a vision for the future. This industry has stagnated considerably and needs a boost towards a more sustainable way of life NOW. For us, profitability and ethics should not be mutually exclusive! 

As a co-owner, YOU can help decide where the journey will take us next.

Benefits you can look forward to

By receiving a share with voting rights, you are a co-owner of Bakery Bakery and are entitled to dividends.  So when profits are distributed, you benefit in proportion to your share. As a co-owner of Bakery Bakery with an investment of at least CHF 1,000, you will get an owner’s card, which entitles you to a discount on all our products at every location. The most exciting part? We'll see you at the annual Bakery Bakery General Assembly!

Where will we spend the money? 

We need financial resources to plan and finance our expansion. Plus, we want to make our processes more sustainable and efficient. Part of this includes proposed cooling systems with heat recycling. We also want to invest in our brand to make it even more recognisable. 

Join us in the vegan croissant revolution!

By the way, we have been breaking even since 2023!

Invest now & get the best of both worlds! Profitability & sustainability united.