Ariv – ankommen, zu Hause sein

Arrive in Switzerland and immediately find a home and connect: Ariv Coliving makes it easy to master this challenge. Flexible apartments and an active community create the perfect starting point for ex-pats, newcomers and those who are temporarily relocating and do not want to be left alone in this process. As a co-owner, you invest in a market environment with great potential and make a positive contribution towards a friendly and welcoming culture.

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    Namensaktien mit Stimmrecht
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    Wohnungsmarkt entlasten & Integration fördern
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    Gäste aus über 35 Nationen
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    Über 32’000 Übernachtungen und mehr als 82 Prozent Auslastung seit April 23
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    Basel Standorteröffnung 2022
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    Gegründet von Aquilas Company Builder AG. Das operative Team besteht aus Internationalen Hospitality- und Coliving-Experten

The Pitch

Have you ever packed up and moved to a completely foreign city or country? Then you know how alone and isolating a new beginning may feel. Relocating homes has become common working professionals. With Ariv, we offer a suitable concept for a globalized era.

Many newcomers and ex-pats find it challenging to find housing and social connections in Switzerland.

A survey carried out by “” with Ariv Coliving shows that two-thirds of ex-pats in Switzerland feel lonely at least sometimes, and 30 percent feel very lonely often.

Ariv addresses this by offering flexible housing with an active community. This makes settling in easier for ex-pats and newcomers, allowing them to take their next steps in Switzerland with ease.

What makes special Ariv special? 

The foundation of Ariv are fully equipped apartments and a range of services tailored to specific needs, from receiving mail to a contact for everyday questions. Communal spaces, such as an in-house cinema, a rooftop, and a gym, along with various activities create an environment for comfortable and inspiring communal living.

This is the core of Ariv: a vibrant and international community that makes it easy to connect and find friends. Day by day, tenants build a fulfilling life together while supporting each other. Public events at Ariv and shared local activities create touchpoints with the local culture and ensure interaction between residents

Our team of hospitality professionals and local insiders ensures that all tenants feel comfortable at Ariv. Experienced hosts are available to answer questions during and after arrival, whether it's about operating the washing machine, where to get the best mobile phone contract, or recommendations for a fancy dinner.

The Ariv coliving concept responds to the growing global demand for flexible accommodations and has been well-received. Since opening in Basel on June 1, 2022, Ariv has already logged over 32,000 overnight stays and, since April 23 achieved an average occupancy rate of more than 82 percent. Unlike other professional sublets of private apartments, Ariv doesn't take away already limited housing opportunities. Instead, it leverages commercial spaces, such as a former hotel in Basel.

Tenants enjoy staying with us: the average stay is over five months. They come from over 35 nations, with nearly 30 percent from Switzerland.

How will we use your investment?

After our successful start in Basel, your investment helps us make settling into Swiss urban hubs easier. Our second location is already in the works.

We have chosen Cham ZG for our second site because of its strategically favorable location. The canton of Zug is home to numerous international corporations and is close to other important economic hubs in Switzerland like Zurich, Rotkreuz, and Lucerne. The proximity to these key economic and cultural centers makes the new Ariv site in Zug an attractive choice for discerning guests.

But we want to do more. By 2026, we plan to expand Ariv to at least three more Swiss cities, with Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne currently on the horizon. If we reach our funding goal of around 750,000 Swiss Francs we will be able to quickly implement our plans for expansion.

Why should you be a part of Ariv?

The demand for flexible apartments and accommodations is growing. At the same time, low vacancy rates in the housing market make finding a permanent home very challenging. According to a study by the Federal Statistical Office, Zug has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Switzerland at 0.42 percent. Finding a sought-after single-family home can take months. The housing market remains difficult to access, particularly for people who relocate for professional or personal reasons. In addition to a limited number of empty apartments, rigid contractual conditions and fixed lease termination dates make it difficult to gain a foothold here.

Besides finding a home, another big hurdle for many ex-pats is fostering social connections. Studies and reports, such as those from “Internations Expat Insider,” suggest that Switzerland is often perceived as closed-off to newcomers. Ariv addresses this challenge with a vibrant community and an inclusive approach. By investing in Ariv, you are making a significant contribution towards a new kind of hospitality in Switzerland.

At Ariv, community is our priority. Involving our community through crowdinvesting is the logical next step. We want our community to benefit from the economic success of our company, which is why we are now offering shares to the public. We believe that broad participation can lead to sustainable and communal growth.

Who is behind Ariv?

Ariv is backed by Aquilas Company Builder AG, a company specializing in innovative space utilization concepts under an operator model. Their venture addresses the need for flexible workspace solutions in Swiss cities with four upscale coworking spaces totaling 950 workstations in the heart of Zurich.

The operational team brings international experience in co-living, relocation, and hospitality. We embody the coliving culture and believe in the social and cultural value that our concept creates.

Left to right: Flavian Hächler (Co-Founder and Co-CEO), Reto Schleier (Co-Founder and Co-CEO), Gosia Czwarno (COO) and Martin Osen (CMO)

Are the existing shareholders on board?

Our current shareholders are confident that Ariv will grow quickly and continue to support us. We are delighted that they have committed an additional 285,000 Swiss Francs for this round of capital increase, following a round of 455,000 Swiss Francs they conducted in December.

Why invest in Ariv?

Help us expand across Switzerland, participate in our success story, and change Swiss hospitality.

All shareholders receive a Family & Friends discount on all overnight stays at Ariv Basel, are eligible for dividends and exit, and participate in the annual general meetings.

  • From CHF 990, you receive a voucher for a one-night stay for 2 persons.
  • From CHF 1'980, you receive three vouchers for one-night stays for 2 persons.
  • From CHF 4'980, you receive three vouchers and an invitation for 2 persons to the VIP Opening in Cham.
  • From CHF 9'990, you can experience a one-month Coliving Experience (in Basel or Cham) and receive an invitation with a companion to the VIP Opening in Cham.
  • From CHF 30'000, in addition to the above, you get a boat tour on Lake Zug with the Founder Team, including an overnight stay in Cham, and an invitation for 2 persons to the VIP Opening in Cham.

Become part of the solution and profit from our success as a co-owner. If that's not a compelling proposition, what is?

What our community says

  • Niccolò
    Healthcare Professional, Italy
    At Ariv you feel like being part of a family!
  • IZ Darson
    IZ Darson
    Producer & Director, Singapore
    I have such good memories and made so many friends at Ariv!
  • Jan
    Healthcare professional, Poland
    As a young professional moving from abroad, I found Ariv to be a perfect place for starting a new chapter in Basel.