VYN - the sneaker of the future!

VYN - the sneaker of the future!

Finally there is a sneaker that delivers on a promise!

Overproduction, one season life, greenwashing, exorbitant margins... The shoe industry is in dire straits! Just using recycled materials is short-sighted and not enough… at VYN we dedicate ourselves to focused production, to high quality materials, and to the impact with the greatest potential: multi-season long product life! Invest in the first renewable sneaker and pave the way with us to a more sustainable future where repairable premium products become the standard.

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  • Securities
    Digital voting shares
  • Impact
    Eco-innovation with a focus on on product lifespan
  • Awards
    Winner FIF Design Award, PowHER, Positive Luxury, Monocle Style Guide
  • Founders
    Female co-founder and co-CEO
  • Finance
    Financing agile production, collaborations, expansion in EU
  • Team
    International industry experts, consultants and networks (CH, UK, US)

The Pitch

Actually this is a no-brainer: what lasts longer wastes less. And this is all the more necessary in an industry that produces 66 million pairs of shoes every single day and creates the equivalent of two thirds the CO2 emissions of all air travel. And all so that, at the end, 90% of those shoes end up in the world's rubbish heaps within a year just to make way for the new trends in the shop window.

Nowadays, everything is advertised as sustainable in order to look better. Recycled materials? Check!  Renewable energy for production? Check! But what does the balance sheet look like when a product’s lifespan is taken into account? 

Pretty poor, unfortunately.

There is another way! Based on our many years of experience as shoe designers, we have developed the first renewable sneaker, VYN. Worn parts can be replaced by the wearer themselves, making the VYN sneaker last many times longer. These modular parts are also style elements that invite you to style your own sneaker or incorporate something new.  You want to have fun, and sustainability should be too!

"Buy less, but better, and make it last" is our appeal to our customers, and is supported by our business model, which focuses on quality, longer service life, customisation, and agile production.

Invest in VYN now and actively break new ground with us: how we produce, buy, style and enjoy wearing sneakers, not just for a season…. but for longer.